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Nathaniel Fick

Volkswagen’s deception and its effect on used car dealers

Lost in the hubbub about Volkswagen’s deception in fooling regulators about the emissions of its “clean” diesel engines is the real harm and broader economic damage of a certain group of small businesses. Besides consumers, used car dealers are left […]

Nathaniel Fick

Ford Recalls Affect Nearly 420,000 Vehicles

Ford has recalled over 400,000 vehicles in North America due to intermittent electric power steering problems that can cause the power steering to fail, sending the steering into manual mode, making the vehicles difficult to control and increasing crash risk, […]

Nathaniel Fick

Analysis Paralysis in the Medical Market: When Investors Stop Investing in Medical Devices

Does it really affect anyone when investors pull out of a company project? It does when the company has embedded now-defunct medical devices into people’s bodies. Take the case of John Mumford, for example, whose avalanche patrol team’s van slid […]

Nathaniel Fick

Bringing a Defective Product Liability Claim

Not all personal injury lawsuits stem from accidents. When a person suffers an injury because of a faulty product they used, they may be able to file a defective product liability claim to recover for their harms and losses (damages). […]

Maureen May

Do Safety Recalls Really Protect Kids? New Report Says Probably Not

A new report from Kids in Danger (KID), a Chicago-based children’s safety advocacy group, has found that only 10 percent of children’s products that are recalled for safety reasons are actually returned or fixed. This leaves a large number of […]

Nathaniel Fick

Is the Toy Your Child Got For Christmas Unsafe?

We all assume that toys are all fun and safe to play with, but unfortunately this is not the case. Below are some recent examples of toys that have been recalled because they were found to be dangerous: Baby Einstein […]

Chrissie Cole

Multistate Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Sausage Products

Public health officials in several states are investigating a salmonella outbreak that has sickened 202 people in 42 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
At least…

Jenny Albano

Weis Markets Recalls Weis Baker's Basket 18 Ct Fruit Miniatures and 2 lb Platters of Mini-Fruit Diamonds

Weis Markets, in conjunction with the CPSC, is recalling Weis Baker’s Basket 18 Ct Fruit Miniatures and 2 lb Platters of Mini-Fruit Diamonds because of undeclared walnuts in the products. The two pound platters of Mini-Fruit Diamonds come in four varieties – Nut Diamond, Cheese Raspberry, Apricot and Mixed assortment. People who are allergic to walnuts could suffer severe allergic reactions if…

Jenny Albano

Charlemagne Chocolatiers Recalls Charlemagne Dark Chocolate Organic Bars Due to Undeclared Ingredient

Charlemagne Chocolatiers of Belgium is recalling 5,000 units of its dark chocolate organic bars because the bars may contain undeclared milk protein. A consumer that eats these chocolate bars and is allergic to milk may have a severe allergic reaction that could result in adverse health risks or even death.The chocolate bars were distributed in the U.S. in the following states: Michigan,…