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Maureen May

Georgia Court Rules That Parents are Responsible for Kids’ Online Activity

Is Facebook nudging us into a new era of parental responsibility? The Georgia Court of Appeals recently held that the parents of a seventh-grade student could be found negligent for failing to make sure that their son deleted an offensive […]

Maureen May

What is a Privileged Conversation?

Legally speaking, there are some situations that your conversations will be considered confidential, and you won’t be compelled to disclose what was said during the conversation in court. Laws regarding privileged conversations protect what is said, either orally or in […]

Nathaniel Fick

When Does it Make Sense to Go to Trial, and When Should I Just Settle?

Although many people assume that personal injury lawsuits frequently go to trial, the opposite is actually the case. According to TheLawDictionary.org, 95-96 percent of personal injury cases are settled before trial, and 90 percent of the cases that do go […]

Nathaniel Fick

Insurance: Presume Nothing

Insurance plays a very important role for business owners and private citizens alike. Whether a person is looking to protect their home, car, business, health, or life; insurance typically offers an affordable way to safeguard investments and livelihoods. Few people, […]

Steve Silverman

Junk Faxes-Plaintiff's Lawyers Are Recovering Millions

We all get them. Those annoying travel offers or mortgage refinance offers that tie up your fax machine at work, or wake you up in the middle of the night at home. They are illegal and a violation…

Jenny Albano

Wegmans Food Market Recalls Food You Feel Good About Country Wheat Rolls

Wegmans Food Market Inc., in conjunction with the FDA, is recalling Food You Feel Good About Country Wheat Rolls because they may actually contain potato rolls ,which has a milk allergen that is not listed on the label. The recall includes 18 oz. wheat rolls with a best by date of October 10. The bread was produced on October 1 and would have been sold in stores on October 2 and October 3 in…

Jenny Albano

Maryland Girls Falls From Amusement Park Ride

A young girl fell from a ride called the Octopus at the Six Flags America amusement park on Friday, August 3. The Octopus is described by the park as a “mild thrill ride” that takes riders up and down and spins in circles. Some witnesses say the girl, who’s name and age have not been released, fell 25 feet from the amusement park ride. When the paramedics arrived the child was conscious. She…

Jenny Albano

Crocs Can Be Dangerous

Crocs, the popular bright rubber clogs that come in an array of colors and shape to you feet, can be dangerous. There have been reports that children wearing the popular shoes have had their feet sucked into the sides of escalators. Some stores and malls have even put up signs warning people that if they are wearing Crocs they should be careful. The manufacturers of Crocs have designed a new…

Steve Silverman

E. Coli Infection Linked To Spinach Sickens Maryland Boy

Health authorities have identified a 5-year-old Harford County, Maryland boy-whose mother fed him spinach-as one of Maryland’s three confirmed infections by the deadly E. coli bacteria. According to the Baltimore Sun one of the Maryland cases has been fatal. Although health authorities have not officially linked the recent Maryland cases to the nationwide outbreak, there are significant…

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