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Nathaniel Fick

An “Independent Medical Examination” is Not “Independent” (or, The Misadventures of Dr. Rosalind Griffin)

Ahhh, the Streisand Effect. Apparently Dr. Rosalind Griffin has never heard this phenomenon, which is understandable; not everyone has. However, Dr. Griffin is now experiencing it thanks to her attempts to silence attorney Steven Gursten. Steve wrote a blog post […]

Nathaniel Fick

Danger to all drivers: Deadly highways and truck rollovers

Sharing the road with 18-wheelers is usually a safe thing to do. The drivers of these massive rigs are highly trained and careful with the cargo entrusted to them. Unfortunately, there can be hazards on the road that even the […]

Nathaniel Fick

New Rule Proposed to Keep Impaired Truckers Off the Road

In 2013, one in 10 fatal motor vehicle crashes involved tractor-trailers. Truck accidents are a growing problem, and the federal government is offering a solution. Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse In February 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed a […]

Nathaniel Fick

Senate Committee Votes to Relax Rules for Truckers

Last month, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 21-9 to rescind portions of the rules that require truckers to take driving breaks between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. on consecutive nights before they can get behind the wheel again. The amendment would […]

Chrissie Cole

Tractor-Trailer Carrying Milk Overturns In Howard County

A tractor-trailer, carrying milk, overturned Wednesday morning on I-95 to Route 32 West in Howard County.
The driver of the truck, Gary Hines, 35, of Severn, suffered minor injuries and was…

Shannon Weidemann

Truck Driver With Suspended License Causes Accident

A 54-year-old truck driver has been charged with reckless driving after causing an accident that killed a man on the Capital Beltway. He was driving a tractor-trailer on a suspended license. Police also believe that he had forged his logbook to show less driving time. Monday’s accident occurred about 11 p.m. on the outer loop of the Beltway north of Route 1. Police said the tractor-trailer…

Shannon Weidemann

Two Truck Drivers Killed in Fiery Accident

Two Truck Drivers were driving their semi-trucks on the New York State Thruway on Tuesday morning when they were both killed. One was crushed under his truck after his truck was hit by another semi. The other semi then flipped over and caught on fire. “There were no witnesses, and the two people involved are dead,” said Ricky Peets, a state police investigator assigned to the Thruway.Some…

Shannon Weidemann

Florida Highway Accident Kills Truck Driver

A truck driver from Mayo was killed when his semi-truck overturned on the entrance ramp to the highway. The accident happened at the intersection of SR 6 and I-75. The driver was turning north onto the on-ramp to northbound I-75 from the westbound lane of SR 6 about 8:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 9. He began braking the truck as he entered the on-ramp and the truck overturned onto its left side on…

Staff Writer

Driver Fatigue a Major Cause of Truck Accidents

Michael Kaplen has a great blog with tons of brain injury news and information. Back in November, Michael brought my attention to a Penn State study which examined truck accidents in 2004. The study was done to see how allowing truckers to drive 11 consecutive hours (the limit was previously 10) affected crash risk.According to ScienceDaily.com:Dr. Paul Jovanis, professor of civil engineering…