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Nathaniel Fick

Horrific, Yet Real.

Important article about women who face more traumatic brain injury than NFL Players.

Maureen May

Does Hands-Free Mean Safer? Voice Activated Devices May Increase Driver Distraction

Many drivers are choosing (some in compliance with the laws of the city or state in which they live) to put hands-free technology in their vehicles because they think they are increasing their own safety, as well as the safety […]

Maureen May

Why You Shouldn’t Take the Insurance Company’s First Settlement Offer

When an insurance company quickly offers to settle your personal injury case, they should know what your case is worth and you should just take it, right? Probably not. There are three reasons why jumping at the first settlement offer […]

Nathaniel Fick

There’s a Method to The Madness: How Juries Award Damages in Personal Injury Cases

In civil litigation, justice is achieved through the awarding of monetary damages. Unfortunately, this is far from an exact science, and juries are often extremely unpredictable, but it is helpful to understand the factors that go into their decisions. Gist […]

Nathaniel Fick

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: You Never Know When You Might Need It

Although most states have laws requiring drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance or provide proof of financial responsibility, the reality is that many drivers on the road have inadequate automobile insurance, or no coverage at all. So […]

Nathaniel Fick

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Could it Apply to My Case?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the process of settling a case by means other than litigation. Because ADR is less costly, more private, and typically faster than litigation, it is becoming more and more popular and is increasingly being used […]