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E. Coli Infection Linked To Spinach Sickens Maryland Boy

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Health authorities have identified a 5-year-old Harford County, Maryland boy-whose mother fed him spinach-as one of Maryland’s three confirmed infections by the deadly E. coli bacteria. According to the Baltimore Sun one of the Maryland cases has been fatal. Although health authorities have not officially linked the recent Maryland cases to the nationwide outbreak, there are significant similarities to the nationwide epidemic.

Nationwide, the Center for Disease Control has identified 175 cases of spinach-related infection with E. coli in 25 states. After a nationwide alert on September 14, grocers pulled potentially tainted bagged spinach from produce shelves, and consumers were warned to discard any bagged spinach they had purchased.

In Toledo, Ohio-five family members have sued a spinach producing company investigators are examining as being linked to the tainted greens. The spinach-sickened consumers are seeking at least $1000,000.00 in federal court for their respective ailments.