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Canadian Air Balloon Burns Up in Flames, 2 Dead

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A mother and daughter perished over the weekend in a horrific hot air balloon accident about which shocked onlookers could do nothing but watch and hope for the best outcome.

12 passengers were ascending in a giant hot air balloon in the environs outside Vancouver, British Columbia, when something went tragically wrong with the balloon’s operating mechanism. All the passengers and pilot had boarded the gondola and were ready for liftoff when a fire broke out overhead.

According to media reports, a piece of tubing then broke loose from the propane burner mechanism above the gondola and began spraying fire everywhere. Passengers then scrambled feverishly to get out of the gondola, as it was rising off the ground. All the passengers except for a woman and daughter were able to escape safely.

The pilot of the vessel girded himself against the fire blast to protect the passengers, and is reported to have sustained serious burn injuries.

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