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Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Nursing Homes

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Two nursing homes have had wrongful death lawsuits filed against them for their alleged improper care and treatment of a former resident. The estate of the deceased woman have filed suit against Bethalto Care Center and Rosewood Care Center of Alton. Three doctors have also been named in the lawsuit.

Brown claims Bethalto failed in its duty to exercise ordinary care by failing to provide Theresa with proper hydration and nutritional support.

He also claims Bethalto failed to obtain proper and timely testing, monitoring, treatment and evaluation, failed to adequately and timely assess Theresa’s condition, failed to keep her physicians advised of her condition, failed to protect her from pressure sores and failed to advocate for proper care.

She died on January 20, 2006 at Saint Anthony’s Hospital. The estate is seeking $500,000 for pain and suffering to the victim and the loss of her to her family.